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Redesigned process

Government Agency Scaling to LPM

Services Delivered:

  • Redesigned the migration testing process
  • Created Jira Kanban to manage process flow and designed component and label schema tagging process to capture key metadata.
  • Created Daily Testing Dashboard
  • Created EazyBI Executive Dashboard


A new data center was being migrated to a cloud solution. During the weekly tests, a list of problems was tracked by the different components involved in the exercise. Each vendor company and its engineers were called upon to address each issue that arose during testing. The challenges included:

  • Tracking and responding to issues.
  • Capturing cycle time and throughput for issue resolution.
  • Recording issue type metadata, such as whether it was a non-production or production issue, the priority level, the team involved, and the issue component.
  • Defining a resolution process.
  • Creating dashboards for key metrics.


  • Designed an issue-tracking Kanban workflow in Jira that captured the Issue resolution process from “Triage,” “Assignment,” and “Completion” with custom statuses.
  • Built Kanban swim lanes by breakout rooms to track engineer problems and room assignments.
  • Created Quick filters to easily filter critical data points on the board.
  •  Implemented components field and label tags to capture metadata.
  • Built automated Jira Dashboards
    • Daily Testing Dashboard captured throughput metrics by metadata tags.
    • EazyBI Executive Dashboard showed complex real-time cycle time metrics over time.


  • Accelerated issue tracking orchestration and resolution.
  •  Daily throughput productivity increased by 30%.
  •  Average resolution cycle time rate increased by 50%. Reduced time to roll out by three weeks.
  • Automated dashboard reporting enhanced team and stakeholder communication.
  • Teams were efficiently assigned to problems with minimum wait time, and PMs were able to manage the flow of issue resolutions.


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