Program and Project Management – Government Health Agency

Synergistic Agility’s Project and Program management services provide the framework and oversight to achieve government mission objectives. Our team assesses, designs, plans, and conceptualizes changes necessary to improve program and project performance.

  • PROGRAM MGMT OFFICE SERVICE – Provides a centralized set of services, standards, and functions to support project teams and program managers in efficiently and effectively delivering strategic objectives.
  • PROGRAM MGMT TOOLING AND REPORTING – Our tooling and reporting ensures transparency, facilitate communication, and enable effective decision-making across all levels of the organization.

  • PROJECT ASSESSMENT AND AUDIT – Projects are assessed and audited to ensure they conform to organizational standards and achieve intended outcomes efficiently.

  • BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING – Our process aims to enhance organizational efficiency and adaptability by fundamentally rethinking and redesigning business processes with an agile mindset.

  • METHODOLOGY DEVELOPMENT – Establish a systematic set of methods, processes, and practices that guide how projects, research, or operational processes are executed and managed.

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