Upskilling Government Staff – Government Health Agency


A government client had requested support to train staff in the roles-based Scaled Agile Framework, which would assist government staff in learning about Agile and leading their transformations. While the agency vendors had proficiently executed Agile models, the government staff lacked Agile competencies and did not fully understand their roles as Product Owners and Product Managers. As a result, the following challenges occurred:

  • Misunderstanding of the Product Owner’s Role
  • Poor understanding of the Agile mindset and scaling principles
  • Poor execution of Program Increment/quarterly Planning
  • Vendors are setting priorities instead of government staff

Client Success Story

Agency workforce development training


  • Provided role-based Product Owner, Product Manager, SAFe Agilist, and SAFe for Government practitioner training.
  • Through workshops and instructions, product owners learned about team and program ceremonies and how to be on an agile team and program.
  • Provided certification exam prep and gave students access to the Synergistic Agility training self-service portal to study and prepare for the exams. 
  • Students created actionable action plans for their program improvements.


  • Accelerated learning for government staff regarding their roles.
  • Trained over 130 government students, achieving a 98% pass rate on the certification exam.
  • Increased the number of certified government staff.
  • Enhanced the competency in the SAFe framework among staff.
  • Government Students experience career advancement.
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